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5 Steps to Getting Mortgage Ready in 2019

5 Steps to Getting Mortgage Ready in 2019 1


New Year’s means new goals for many, and buying a house and beginning to gain equity may be one of them. January is a good time to buy, and many young families without school-age children can capitalize on the buyer’s market at this time of year. Here are some things you can focus on for getting a mortgage in 2019.

Check your credit score
Many first time home buyers will have newly established credit showing student loan repayment and beginners’ credit cards. Whether or not knowledgeable about credit scores, you should always check prior to and shopping for a mortgage. Given time and effort, your credit score may improve, and it will be highly effective getting a better mortgage rate and higher approval for a loan. In order to get a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) low down payment advantage of 3.5%, you must have a credit score of 620 or higher.

Determine your price range
Determining your price range will help you to find the right mortgage for you. Your down payment, monthly payment, interest rate, and loan term are all variables that can determine your price range. Having an overall house cost going in is a good idea, and other terms can be determined later, but remember to factor in real estate taxes, homeowners insurance, and any mortgage insurance to determine the overall cost of the home. This is also a good time to your research and home shopping method your areas of interests and their real estate history.

Shop for a mortgage lender
People are going online for services more and more now. Finding a mortgage lender with a reputable website and web presence will help you to find a match. Recently, “quick” loans have become popular as an alternative, but remember that these will incur different costs such as higher interest rates and higher down payments because those lenders are not really taking the time to learn who you are to evaluate your assets. This is why many home buyers prefer to work with a local, established mortgage lender. This is also a great time to determine which type of mortgage you will be shopping for. If you are having trouble finding a good mortgage lender, try going to a realtor first. They will inevitably know people in the business that they can recommend.

Start the pre-approval process
Getting pre-approved with a mortgage lender should be a comfortable process once you have determined the right lender. It will involve going over credit scores, assets, income, employment history, and other elements that will contribute to the pre-approval amount for purchasing a house, as well as the interest rate and term suggestions. Be open to working with the lender, they will be happy to calculate and recalculate new terms until you find an ideal match. Furthermore, ask about rate locks to determine if you can rely on a lender to “lock in” an interest rate before the final mortgage is calculated. Remember that this is not the finite meeting about a mortgage loan.

Get Shopping
Once you are pre-approved and have the confidence of knowing that you can purchase a home at your budget, you should feel eager to start the home buying process. Your realtor will be able to better determine your price range and understand the factors of your pre-approval. Realtors on both sides of the sale will be more open to negotiating to meet your pre-approved budget, as it leads to a quicker home sale and faster resolution for all parties. Remember that pre-approval is not the last meeting that you will have with your mortgage lender, and that there may be flexibility within your pre-approval determined by the cost of the home.

Buying a home may be the largest purchase that you ever make. Being aware of your credit score and income history will go a long way to finding a better mortgage. The New Year is a great time to determine how you can realize your goals of owning a home. Taking the time to meet with a mortgage lender at any point in the buying process will give you the confidence to move forward and to become a homeowner.

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